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The purpose of this 3-hour course was to fulfill part of FAA and TSA annual training requirements for Flight Attendants at American Airlines. This is an annual course that I had the privilege of building every year from roughly 2006 to 2013 and I consulted briefly for the 2014 year. This course has always been one of my “masterpieces.” It features my most cutting-edge programming technologies and tracking techniques.  The Flight Services department always pressed the bounds of this training course.  I truly enjoyed building this each and every year.  It represented a 4 month obligation each year.

Continuing Qualification Recurrent Training 2013 was primarily built in Flash and is fully SCORM 1.2 compliant.  It was loaded on SumTotal LMS as well as Saba.

The training features high-end scenario based interactions.  It also features assessments sprinkled throughout the entire course. The assessments are randomized and actually increase in frequency if the course determines that the learner is “skimming” through the content and not fully reading the page. Supplemental questions appear to try and validate the learner’s true progress.  I like to call these “speed bumps.”

This course also features the ability to only serve up content based upon the Flight Attendant’s qualifications. At the beginning of the course, if the Flight Attendant picks only 737 and 767 aircraft, for example, only content relating to those aircraft is displayed throughout the course. This maximizes the learner’s time and helps them stay focused on meaningful material.

Click on the video below to watch the introduction.