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Women and Depression – Navigating the Clinical Course is an award winning CME-certified case-based branched learning game, is provided by Texas Health Research & Education Institute to improve outcomes for women with depression in the primary care setting. The interactive and immersive 3D virtual learning environment provides concise information on depression management and helps you sharpen decision-making and critical-thinking skills to apply to your patients immediately.

This educational enduring game has been designed where the player (or learner) is the physician deciding Lissette Arnott’s clinical course. This required a custom “game” type framework. The “game” goes down different pathways based upon the user’s decisions along the way. There were 6 different pathways with 4 of them being considered “correct.”  Developing the course and interactions required great care, intense concentration and thoughtful planning. In the end, I was very happy with the result.

To add additional complications, I was brought in after another company had started development and ultimately was not able to deliver a working prototype. I salvaged the animation and whatever else I could, but in the end, I re-built the entire project using my custom Flash gaming framework.

The project also required me to re-brand the game and build the supporting website.

Update! I am proud to announce that this training has won the 2014 Award for Outstanding CE Enduring Material from the Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions!  Congrats to the entire team!

Alliance Awards

Check out the project for yourself! Click on the red button on the left.